RUSH: Liberals Think Boko Haram Terrorists Are Victims Of Oppression

RUSH: Certainly in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton or John Kerry, Barack Obama, or official US government positions they are not the bad guy. The Nigerian government is. This story in the Christian Science Monitor here is implying that the Nigerian government is complicit in the kidnapping. If you read the whole thing, that’s the point of this story.

Once again, Boko Haram are victims in their own way — victims of government oppression, victims of who knows what — and they’re reacting in the only way they know how. And we must appease these people because they’re nothing more than members of the oppressed around the world to whom the United States reaches out in solidarity. (interruption) “We gotta understand them.” Exactly.

We have to understand why Boko Haram’s mad.

We have to understand their rage.  Folks, I know that you’re probably not getting this take too many other places.  You see the hashtag and Boko Haram is the bad guys and we’re doing everything we can. That’s the official US government position and the media position now, but that’s not way it is.  This story’s a great example of how a lot of people in the Drive-Bys are blaming the Christian government and the Nigerian military instead of the terrorists.

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