RUSH: Liberals, Democrats Are ‘GENUINELY MENTALLY ILL’

RUSH: I’m looking for a way to actually characterize these people.  They’re sick, folks, they have literally been rendered sick.  Your average, ordinary, everyday liberal or Democrat is genuinely mentally ill now when it comes to matters of politics and current affairs, current events.  And they’ve been rendered this way by the media.  They literally have believed all this fearmongering and scaremongering.  They believe campuses are places where rapes are happening. They believe innocent black men are being gunned down multiple times a day by the cops.  They believe that Donald Trump’s coming for everybody who’s gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, whatever, and gonna be put in concentration camps.

I mean, people believe this.  The cast of Hamilton.  They’re scared to death.  And they think Trump’s gonna destroy the planet, on purpose.  Trump and the Republicans want to destroy the planet.  And they want to do it so fast that young liberals will not even reach 65.  This is genuine mental illness that we have been up against and that we are up against.  And the mental illness extends to the editorial board at the New York Times and their columnists and the reporters and infobabes at CNN.  I’m convinced it’s a genuine mental illness.


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