RUSH: Liberals Blame Me As They Circle The Wagons Around Stephen Colbert

RUSH: Are you aware — people may not even know — the “conservative” TV host Stephen Colbert — (Interruption)  What?  Oh, it’s Colbert?  Oh.  Okay.  Stephen Colbert.  He’s a liberal but his shtick is a pompous, arrogant, know-nothing conservative.  That’s the shtick.  Anyway, he tweeted out something last week that has ended up being highly offensive to Chinese speaking people.  He made fun of their language.  He said, “Ding dong ching chang,” or some such thing. It was in a tweet. He didn’t actually say it on his show.

And there was negative reaction the likes of which liberals are not used to.  I mean, there was apparently a huge blow-back on this, and it caught ’em off guard, ’cause they’re really not used to this kind of reaction to them being racist or sexist or bigoted or homophobic or what have you.  There were demands that Colbert apologize for offending the Chinese.  Now, the way the left is circling the wagons on this, you might say, “What does this have to do with me?”  Well, the way the left is circling the wagons is by saying that Colbert was simply doing what I do.  The mistake that he made was that he did it on Twitter where there isn’t any nuance.

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