RUSH: Liberalism Is ‘BRUTE FORCE’ Bullying, Intimidation, Threat.

RUSH:  Let me add one thing to my description of liberalism, in addition to everything else that I said.  It’s all politics disguised as something else.  It is brute force.  Liberalism is brute force.  It is bullying.  It is intimidation. It is threat.  It has all kinds of characteristics related to brute force as its primary way of implementation.  Because at no time in this nation’s history or present has a majority of Americans ever really embraced it knowing full well what they’re doing. 

Liberalism has to mask and camouflage and hide itself in order for mass appeal.  But when they take the mask off, when they’re feeling confident, it’s brute force as a form of implementation, because they haven’t found a way to sell it in the arena of ideas. 

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