RUSH: Lewis Black Called Me The ‘P’ Word. It’s A Badge Of Honor.

BLACK:  That’s the kind of sentence that’s stroke inducing.  I go through that paragraph and about halfway through my — there’s like a slight twitch of the eye and I can feel a blood vessel beginning to pump too much.  What could he possibly — he’s an idiot.  He really is just a mean-spirited (bleep).  Here’s how big an insult it’s gonna be on American values.  Stephen Col, Col, Colbert, uh, is, Stephen Colbert has five, I think, five children, happily married, has this great family, was still hanging in when the Catholic Church, when people were fleeing en masse.  What are you talking about? He doesn’t know (bleep).

RUSH:  I think he called me the P-word! The PR-word. He called me the male anatomy, the word.  It’s a badge of honor here, folks.  Look, here’s the thing.  This is what they always do.  Ignore the body of work and talk about the symbolism.  We’re supposed to ignore what Colbert did and does every night.  We’re supposed to ignore the act and who he skewers and who he makes fun of. And we’re supposed to look, “Oh, Catholic.”  Really?  Not a very good one, maybe.  Don’t know.  Family man?  Right.  Well, where is that represented in the body of work?  It’s a little bit of a conflict here.

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