RUSH: Lesson Learned From Matt Lauer Consensual Sex Story; ‘Women Are DEVASTATED By Random Sex’

RUSH: We’ve been told now that women are like men and the discrimination against women all these years is the fact that they’ve been treated like women.

“It’s time now to treat women like men. They’re the same and should be treated as such. Women should and could be like men in the workforce. They can have it all. They can have the career, they can climb the corporate ladder, and they can be Susie Homemaker and Betty Crocker at home at the same time and have a totally fulfilled life. They can have it all!” And, furthermore, sex for women could be just like it was for men: A series of random quickies in the bathroom or with a guy in the office. Satisfying! Fun! But no commitment. No big deal.

Feminism said, “Do not tie yourself to a man.” Feminism said, “Do not make your happiness dependent on a relationship,” right? Here is a prime target, Addie Collins — a prime target for the modern teachings of feminism — and it all turns out to be lies. Women are not like men. And what this story makes clear to me, in her case: She is devastated by the random sex. She is devastated. She was thinking… The way to put this is, in her case, how devastating random sex without any kind of a relationship or trust or commitment was to her.

So this hookup business? Fine for men — and you women, you can do it too! Don’t worry about it. But it just doesn’t work that way. That’s what the lessons are to me in this. Now, some of you may ask, “Rush, what is she complaining about? It was consensual. Come on! Is the guy supposed to fall in love with everybody? What…? Isn’t she supposed to figure it out? This is Matt Lauer. If he’s already cheating on his wife with you, what the hell are you expecting?”

Is that what you’re…? (interruption) You think she’s all…? (interruption) Go through her mind?
Fine and dandy. You can have that go through your mind all you want. All I’m telling you is this woman is being very open about how… (interruption) Well, she’s married. There’s a picture of her husband. (interruption) Well, not in this story, but if you Google search she’s married to a former football player from West Virginia. A tight end, by the way.

(interruption) “And there’s a baby.” (interruption) Well because she feels like she needed to come forward and validate the stories being told by the other women about Matt Lauer, is what she says. She wanted the other women to be believed. She wanted other women to know that there are other women. There’s comfort here in the fact that you’re part of the group where the malcontent guy mistreated everybody. I don’t know. I’m just trying to explain this to you.


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