RUSH: Leftists Trying To Take MASCULINITY Away From MEN!

We are trying to take masculinity away from men.  They have spent their lifetime in schools trying to pound into young boys’ brains that being a man is a bad thing, or potentially.  If you don’t get a handle on it.  If you don’t get control of it.  What’s amazing is despite these efforts… You know what this is like?  Back in the early days of the modern era of feminism… Some of you may be too young to remember. In the late ’60s, early ’70s, what they tried…

“Enlightened” parents raised their little girl babies with G.I. Joe’s and painted their rooms blue, and they were not given any toys like dollhouses or Barbies or anything like that. Because the belief was girls grew up to be the way they were because they were conditioned by a sexist, patriarchal society who made little girls want to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  So Barbie dolls here and there, little tea houses, play houses and kitchen sets and so forth.

So what these parents did is they gave all that girl stuff to the little boys and they gave G.I. Joe dolls and all that to little girls.  Do you know what happened?  The girls started looking for different outfits to put on G.I. Joe and little boys started using Barbie dolls as missiles, throwing them around.  In other words, nature is nature.  Feminism came along and was attempting to basically redefine basic human nature because, for some reason, they don’t like it.

So for the past number of years there have been efforts to strip masculinity and manhood out of the young male population, and they failed.  They’ve obviously failed.  If the men’s soccer team at Harvard has come up with a secret numbering system to rate the female soccer team recruits on a scale of, what, 1 to 10.  Stop and look at the way Harvard’s dealing with it.  Cancelling the soccer season.  This is considered to be such a great cultural and societal offense.


RUSH: Okay, so the male soccer team is keeping their eyes on the new female soccer team recruits.  And they’ve got a secret little system for rating them.  It has to be secret because the leftists at the school disapprove of this kind of behavior.  So they have their secret little list, and it’s been discovered.  And the people at Harvard who want every student to be an automaton, who want everyone thinking the same way, doing the same things, acting the same way, are now going to shut down the soccer season as punishment.

But on the bright side, you can look at it and say, they’ve tried to strip masculinity and traditional manly characteristics out of young boys, and it’s obvious at Harvard they have failed big time.



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