RUSH: Leftist Democrat Men Are The Exact Opposite Of The Way They Present Themselves

RUSH: Thirty minutes ago it was four women in the Senate who were demanding now that Al Franken resign. The number has now elevated to six, six female Democrat senators demanding that Al Franken resign. Another woman has popped up and said that Franken couldn’t wait to plant a juicy, wet kiss on her after some kind of deception, said she was grossed out. There will be more because what we are learning is that this is a way of life for Al Franken. These are not aberrational instances. They are not occasional happenstances. It appears to be a way of life.

And it’s not just Al Franken. The more we are learning about leftist Democrat men, especially those men in the media, many of them, and in entertainment, Hollywood, whatever, man, oh, man, are they the exact opposite of the way they present themselves. I’ve often wondered about this. It’s one of these things that the left, it’s been an interesting dichotomy.

The conservative movement, the Republican Party’s the home of family values, right? And they’re mocked and made fun of and laughed at and teased, impugned and all that. And every now and again you have some right-winger, some Republican who falls off the great moral pedestal, and the left pounces and they talk about what a bunch of hypocrites the conservatives are, and what a bunch of prudes.

So they run that pedestal faller right out of his life, right out of whatever world he’s living in, be it politics or business. And they try it without even the slightest deviation from norm because when you have a platform that’s family values and you waver from it — and we all fail now and then. All of us have moral failings. But they are given no latitude, no leeway whatsoever.

But the point about it to me is, look at the people making the allegations. They come at it as though they are perfect, that they are paragons of moral virtue and they’re right on all the leftist issues. They’re pro-choice, which means they’re pro-abortion. They are supposedly great feminists. They have all of this respect for women, and look at what the truth is. The truth is that they are the true reprobates. They are not those who occasionally fall off of a moral pedestal. They deny and don’t even exist on a moral pedestal while claiming to lead it, while claiming to define it.

They sit in judgment of everybody else while they are perhaps the greatest examples of moral failure you could ever hope to come across. And that is what we have been learning in the last few months, starting with the Harvey Weinstein revelations.


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