RUSH: Left-Wing Head-Scratch; Debate Happened The Way It Did Because Obama Had An Off Night.

RUSH: A lot of people in the media and some left-wing bloggers are starting to scratch their heads about the inability of Obama and other members of the campaign and the regime to stop talking about how badly he did in the debate.  “Okay, you had a bad night. Forget it; move on.  Why keep talking about it?  Why keep reminding people how badly Obama did?”  Ann Althouse in Michigan has an interesting theory about this, and I’ll paraphrase her. 

She said, essentially, that the reason the campaign will not let go of how poorly Obama did is that they want everybody to think that’s what happened.  It wasn’t that Romney was good; it wasn’t that Romney was anything special. The reason that debate happened the way it did is because Obama had an off night. Obama was the shock and surprise. Obama was off his game. Obama was pathetic. Obama was pitiful.

You keep repeating it over and over and over again because you don’t want people to realize how great Romney was.  That’s her theory, and I like it.  It’s unique. It’s great thinking.

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Ann Althouse: I’m Paraphrased By Rush Limbaugh.

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