RUSH: Lawyers Counsel Zimmerman To Look Like The ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’

RUSH: May I interrupt myself here for a moment?  I have to make an observation.  I just noticed it again today.  Every time you’ve seen Zimmerman seated in the courtroom, what have you thought?  What has your reaction been to Zimmerman seated there?  Do you know that the lawyers are counseling him to sit that way?  Show no emotion whatsoever.  Don’t even appear to be engaged in any of this.  Don’t crack a smile.  Don’t make any facial expressions.  Just stare straight ahead.  Don’t make eye contact with anybody. 

Now, there are jury consultants on this case, and the lawyers telling Zimmerman, look, you gotta behave in a certain way. We got six jurors. They’re all women, and we’ve got a TV camera in here.  And Mr. Flynn may have a point.  It may well be that the sum total of the advice Zimmerman’s getting adds up to “Don’t look like a man.  Look like the Pillsbury Doughboy in there. Look like you couldn’t hurt a flea.  Look like you’re harmless.  Look like you’re a schlub, because anything else may offend the jurors.  Anything else may offend the media watching who would then issue commentary.  Anything else might frighten and off put.”

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