RUSH: Koskinen Doesn’t Know Much Of Anything Going On At The IRS

RUSH: But about Koskinen, as he explains all this, I think it’s pretty clear — let me read the paragraph to you from Fox News.  “IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know ‘how they found them’ or ‘whether there’s anything on them or not.’ But he said the inspector general’s office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any ‘recoverable’ material.”

Now, at this point it’s safe to assume Mr. Koskinen doesn’t know much, if anything, that’s going on at the IRS.  “The revelation is significant because the IRS claimed, when the agency first told Congress about the missing emails, that backup tapes ‘no longer exist because they have been recycled,'” and now they found the backup tapes.  A-ha.  Now, we still don’t know whether the tapes that the inspector general has contain any Lois Lerner e-mails.  We don’t know that yet.  We’re relying on the IG here to be forthcoming, but it’s still the Regime investigating itself here.  But Koskinen has assured us that the investigators are now checking.  In other words, they’re investigating.  What’s the hurry?  There’s no hurry.  We got until the November elections to find all this out.

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