RUSH: Knowing The Kind Of Authoritarian, Quasi-Dictator Mentality He Has, Why Should Obama Negotiate On Shutdown?

RUSH:  You know, there he is. Obama’s on Fox right now, “I’m happy to have negotiations with the Republicans.”  No, he’s not!  But I’ll tell you, this whole talk about “negotiations” bothers me anyway.  Now, not that maybe you can make Obama look like the stonewaller. That’s fine. Don’t misunderstand.  ‘Cause on the one hand, I can see as Obama not talking. I wouldn’t talk to these guys if I were him.  Why?

I mean, knowing who he is — knowing the kind of authoritarian, quasi-dictator mentality he has — why should he negotiate with these schlubs?  I mean, it’s his way is his way or the highway.  Why should he negotiate?  I don’t know that bellyaching about Obama not negotiating is a way to force him to negotiate.  That isn’t gonna work.  It’s going to require what’s already happening, and that is action and deeds.

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