RUSH: Kim Kardashian Wants To Go Screw Herself And Obama’s Saying He Should Veto Himself

RUSH: So yesterday we had Kim Kardashian saying that she would love to have sex with herself if she was a guy. Remember that? Kim Kardashian basically said, “Yeah, if I were a guy, I’d love to know what it’s like to have sex with me. I think that would be a pretty great thing.” So Kim Kardashian was talking about a way to go screw herself and Obama’s saying he should veto himself. It’s getting impossible to keep up with all of this. And you throw into the mix, the low-information voter and trying to tell people now, “Hey, you know, a year ago, Obama said…” it doesn’t penetrate. It doesn’t register. It doesn’t matter because all that does matter, and you’ll hear it in the sound bites coming, all that matters is the Republicans are trying to destroy everything for everybody, and Obama is the outsider trying to fix it.

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