RUSH: Keep A Sharp Eye On The Left Trying To Politicize Santa Barbara Shooting Spree

RUSH: But let’s say everything is normal here. Let’s say that everything that happened here is up and up and everybody in this guy’s circle was doing everything they said, and everything he thought, and he was the only one who wasn’t.  Look at the expectations that he had. What was this kid, 22?  Look at the expectations he had for all that would have happened to him in his life by the age of 22.

Look at what he thought was going to be normal or should be.  Sex any time he wanted it. Women loving and adoring him any time he wanted it. Women draping themselves all over him any time he wanted it.  He had his Beamer so he was gonna be the most popular kid around, and he was gonna have whatever he wanted. At the age 22, whatever he wanted! Well, obviously things weren’t normal. 

As I say, there’s a mental health issue.  But just keep a sharp eye on the left politicizing this to try to convert this into something that can advance their agenda.  And they’ll probably get into the socioeconomic aspects of this, too, by blaming this somehow on rigid, moralistic and judgmental conservatives or Tea Party types. (interruption) Well, “How could they come up with that?”

They wouldn’t have to come up with anything. Just say it.  You know, just put it out there: “This kid was reacting to a puritanical judgmentalism fostered by the Bush years,” and so forth and so on, as everything goes back to Bush.  (interruption)  Well, I know. (sigh) The video did leave no doubt about what kid — the young man — was really all about. Anyway, he captivated everybody’s attention.

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