RUSH: Kaepernick Will Be Hired By An NFL Team… And It Will Be A MISTAKE

RUSH: Anyway, Michael Bennett said… He just put it right out there. He is the fastest way to end these protests is for a team to hire Kaepernick. Bingo! Inadvertently swerving into what this is all about. Just hire

He said if some team would hire Kaepernick, that’d be the greatest thing you people could do to get us to start standing up for the anthem again. So it’ll probably happen. Mark my words, it’ll happen, and it will be a mistake when it does happen. Whatever team does this is gonna be in for heap… The Seahawks might be able to get away with it, but they would have to have Russell Wilson get hurt before they would pick him up. They don’t want that to happen. Anyway, we have the audio of Goodell and his, “Our communities and our issues.”

It’s just not how people talk. It’s how liberals talk and it’s how they’re taught to speak at college campuses: “Our communities.” What communities? NFL teams have players that play for the National Football League. That’s their community. But that’s not the kind of community Goodell is talking about. They’ve got it in their heads now that the NFL is one of the warriors for social justice, because they think that’s what its audience wants, which is why I ask if they even know who their crowd is, who their audience is.


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