RUSH: Justin Bieber Hasn’t Done Anything To Anybody

RUSH: Okay. This Justin Bieber thing. Okay, so what happened? He’s driving drunk with, what, marijuana, cocaine or some such thing. I mean, it’s all over the news, Justin Bieber. It’s even headlined at Drudge, “Save Me.” What is he, 19, 20 years old? You would think this guy has sicked the IRS on people. You would think that Justin Bieber has been running the economy into the ground. Has he? He has not!

Did Justin Bieber commit fraud to seize one-sixth of the US economy? Has the guy taken over the health care industry? Did Justin Bieber lie to you about being able to keep your doctor and your insurance plan? Did Justin Bieber promise you that your back insurance premium would come down $2500? Did Justin Bieber take doctors away from kid cancer patients? Has Justin Bieber made basic health care unaffordable?

Has Justin Bieber ignored millions of Americans because they’re no longer in the job market because of Justin Bieber’s policies? He didn’t even run his car off the road and let his girlfriend-not-wife drown. As far as I know, everybody survived the car crash. You can’t say that about some others that have been in politics. Did Justin Bieber leave an embassy totally unprotected, under attack by Al-Qaeda?

No, he didn’t. But the coverage we’re getting on Justin Bieber suggests that he’s a very powerful, very important human being who is really screwing things up for us. Is Justin Bieber the reason the Captain and Tennille are getting divorced? No. Did you know that? Do you believe that? Stunning. Justin Bieber is all over the news. He hasn’t done anything to anybody.

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