RUSH: Journalism Is An Incestuous Pool, It’s A Revolving Door

RUSH: Don’t you understand that these journalists are, in effect, part of these administrations? That’s what people can’t get their arms around.  Journalism in Washington is not in a cocoon.  A journalist will leave and go work for a Congressman.  Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, used to work at Time Magazine as a columnist/editor/writer. He left there, went to work for Biden, and from there went to work for Obama. 

Tim Russert used to work for a member of Congress. (interruption) Moynahan, right. What’s his face, Chris Matthews, worked for Tip O’Neill.  It’s an incestuous pool, a revolving door.  I mentioned the other day that I saw this babe Jilllll Dougherty. (That’s how she used to pronounce her name, “Jilllll Dougherty, CNN, Moscow!”) Now she’s at the Kennedy School.  So are they journalists or members of the administration?  Are they journalists or are they…?

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RUSH WAS RIGHT: Journalism Schools Behind Regime Monitors In Newsrooms

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