RUSH: John Kerry Gaffe Has Become The Official Policy Of The US In Syria

RUSH:  It’s surreal.  We are a worldwide joke and everybody knows it but us. You know, what’s happened on this Syria thing?  Have you kept up with this?  This is a Saturday Night Live skit!  I will try to make this understandable.  It’s what we do here, my friends: Make the complex understandable.  This is not easy to say, but I’m telling you: In the eyes of the world, this country has to be a laughingstock. It has to be a joke, and most of the people of this country don’t even know it. They’re absorbed with Miley Cyrus or what have you. 

So basically John Kerry, in typical John Kerry fashion, misspeaks.  He commits a major gaffe.  He attempted to walk the gaffe back.  He attempted to take it back.  He attempted to recall the gaffe.  The Russians, Vladimir Putin, and Bashar Assad, leapt on the gaffe and took it — and the John Kerry gaffe has become the official policy of the United States in Syria with Obama and the media now claiming credit for a brilliant strategy!  This is the Limbaugh Theorem on display.

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RUSH: Kerry Gaffe Is All About ‘Yanking Obama Out Of A Mess. A HUGE One.’

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