RUSH: JJ Watt Didn’t Need A ‘POLITICIZED’ Telethon To Raise $31 Million For Harvey Relief Fund

RUSH: Oh, we found out $44 million. Now, let’s put this in perspective. These Hollywood leftists and their telethon last night aired el freebo on four networks. Okay, four networks and however long the thing was raised $44 million. Ah! Ah! Ah! There were pledges for $44 million. Many of those might have come from leftists who will not pay in the end.

However, we’ll go with the number because that’s what they report: $44 million. A single white — ahem, I have to point this out — football player with a tweet and a website raised $31 million. That would be J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans, whose original goal was $200,000. And it just kept growing, and it just kept growing, and J.J. Watt didn’t have a telethon and J.J. Watt was not out there politicizing anything. J.J. Watt was on site helping pass out some of the donated materials. He was actually there meeting people, putting boxes of goods into their cars, and actually hugging them, not appearing from afar and asking other people to do what he wanted done.

One guy with one tweet and a website, $31 million. A bunch of Hollywood celebrities, however long the telethon went… It was at least an hour. (interruption) Did you watch it? (interruption) It was one…? (interruption) You watched it? I’m sitting here with people that watched the thing last…? (interruption) Oh, you had to air it on your network? So you were a…? (interruption) It was work? You were a prisoner? (interruption) You were a broadcast prisoner to this thing? (interruption) So it was one hour. Wait a minute.

You have a radio? It was radio, too? (snorts) Oh, I didn’t know that. Radio plus television. Four networks plus whatever the radio networks were. It’s not chump change, don’t misunderstand. But with that much publicity and that much firepower, a bunch of credited liberal


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