RUSH: Jimmy Kimmel Saying He Doesn’t Care About Ratings Is A TOTAL CROCK!

RUSH: Jimmy Kimmel has lost 30% of his audience ever since he started becoming the mouthpiece for Chuck You Schumer on health care, and that’s exactly what’s happened. Jimmy Kimmel, left to his own devices, doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to public policy on anything. Be it Obamacare, be it tax reform, be it climate change, Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t know anything.

He’s a jokester. He had to get help, and he got it from Chuck Schumer’s office. So when he goes on his program to start talking about the unfairness and the inequality of the American health care system, he got his numbers, he got his stats, he got his talking points from the office of Chuck Schumer. Pure and simple. Now he’s become noted and he’s being heralded in the Drive-By Media as the sensible voice against Trump and whatever he’s doing to Obamacare. In the process, Jimmy Kimmel has become a smaller version of the NFL.

He has lost 30% of his audience. Jimmy Kimmel says, “I don’t care. I’m not in this for numbers,” which is a crock. It’s a total crock. Don’t believe anybody in media who tells you that the ratings don’t matter, either to them or to their network or to their bosses or to their advertising sales team. To say that is sophistry and it’s a poor excuse. Jimmy Kimmel has lost 30% of his audience. It is assumed that the 30% he’s lost is Republicans. Jimmy Kimmel says (paraphrased), “That’s fine with me. I don’t care. I would never have a conversation with those people anyway.”

Now, if I’m an old schooler when it comes to broadcasting, and one of the things that I grew up knowing instinctively and learning is that you’re never proud losing audience. And your bosses are never gonna pat you on the back for it. Now, publicly, as partisan as our politics have become, that might be a public pose. But believe me: Where the bean counters live, this is not cool. If you’re gonna have an audience where some of the people don’t like you or dislike you, you’ve gotta find a way to keep them watching or keep them listening.


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