RUSH: Jeff Bezos Talking ‘Unfettered Capitalism’ Like Charlie Rose Has Never Heard It

RUSH: Jeff Bezos shows up on 60 Minutes and Charlie Rose has no idea what to do ’cause the guy is talking about… I hope the pope wasn’t watching because Jeff Bezos was just, I mean, full bore into unfettered total capitalism, so much so that if you wipe out your competition, it doesn’t matter who they are. Too bad, tough toenails. The world’s a tough place.

Amazon is not killing the book publishing industry or whatever.  The future is changing it.  “Don’t blame us,” and then he talked about these drones that in four or five years are gonna be just popping over to your house.  Can you imagine?  I tell you, can you imagine here in Low-Informationville, your average trailer park, and they order a six-pack of condoms from Amazon and a drone is gonna deliver ’em and they see these things flying over?

And the guy inside the trailer goes and grabs his shotgun, starts taking target practice, shooting drones down?  I’m fascinated by high-tech, as you well know, but this, oh, it was amazing.  Wait ’til you hear Bezos. I mean, Charlie Rose doesn’t know what hit him.  He’s got a guy talking about capitalism, and he’s assumed to be this vast leftist, but he is talking about unfettered capitalism like Charlie Rose has never heard it.  I think it’s kind of… It’s a bit perverse.

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