RUSH: Jason Whitlock Is Wrong, In A Cliched Way, That ‘Guns Kill People, People Don’t Kill People.’

RUSH: Mr. Whitlock is just wrong. But he’s wrong in a cliched way that has become standard operating procedure belief for the left. Guns kill people, people don’t kill people. All people are good. It’s just external forces and influences usually brought on by Republicans that cause them to do bad things, or policies brought on by Republicans that cause them to do bad things. This is from the Cato Institute, by the way, in case you want the source. Thirty-one states have concealed carry laws: 24% lower violent crime rate, 19% lower murder rate, 39% lower robbery rate than states that forbid concealed carry weapons.

In fact, the nine states with the lowest violent crime rates, every one of them are all right-to-carry-weapon states, right to conceal. The nine states with the lowest violent crime, because the bad guys know the good guy is likely armed, and if the bad guys are the aggressors who set the rules, it’s the good guys who have to defend themselves. The good guys are not responsible for this. The good guys, by definition, they’re good guys. They don’t commit crimes. That’s another thing. You can have all the gun laws in the world you want, if somebody wants a gun they’re going to go get one. It’s called crime.

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