RUSH: James Comey’s IMPECCABLE Reputation Is Beginning To CRUMBLE

RUSH: I mentioned earlier that I was reading some things last night about it and I said, “This is embarrassing. This is really a bit of desperation here.”

You have to balance what’s coming up here with another reputation that we’ve been presented with. In the case of James Comey — and this goes back to the Bush presidency when he was a deputy attorney general for John Ashcroft. That’s when I first became aware of the name of James Comey, and from that day forward James Comey has been presented as a lawyer beyond repute. He is a lawyer who exudes integrity. He is flawless. He has never slipped up.

This man is the epitome of honesty. This man is the epitome of courage. This man is the epitome of independence. This is the reputation of James Comey. This is why the Clinton campaign went through such conniptions when Comey was doing what he was doing, because he was doing all of that with the finest reputation anybody in Washington has ever had. Now that reputation’s beginning to crumble. That’s the dirty little secret.

That reputation’s starting to take some hits, and not because of anything Trump did. Because of things Comey has done. The July 5th press conference, the October 28th letter to Congress, the listing of charges but there’s not gonna be any prosecution. That just isn’t done. There’s all kinds of things being done. And now this guy with the impeccable reputation all of a sudden some people are whispering he’s got a power complex.

People are starting to whisper, “This man’s trying to make it all about himself. This man’s trying to figure out where the bright lights are in every story and end up right in them.” Well, those are serious, serious assaults if you have spent your life crafting and building this impeccable reputation for virtue and for honesty and for integrity. So it’s against all that that this now is beginning to happen.


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