RUSH: It’s Official! The Takers Outnumber The Workers… 86 Million Makers To 148 Million Takers

RUSH:  Yeah, that’s right.  The takers outnumber the workers.  It’s official — and it’s significant — the takers outnumber the workers.  That can’t keep on this way for very long.  I mean, not tomorrow.  But particularly these Millennials right now are fed up with no jobs.  They’ve got their college degree, and where’s the big house?  Where’s the Ferrari?  They did what everybody said; they went to college. 


That was the route to everything. 

So they go to college, they come out, and they got nothing.  Can’t find a job. Can’t find a career.  When they find out that whatever job they do get, their taxes are going to support people that are not working? Well, we’ll just see.  Remember, they’re already fed up with the government. They’re upset that they’re being spied on by the NSA.

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