RUSH: It’s Finally Time For The Rich In CA, NY, IL, CT To Pay Your FAIR SHARE Of Taxes And SHUT UP!

RUSH: There is a story in the Stack here about that very thing and about how it is an onslaught, it’s an attack, unfair attack on mostly liberal Democrat states. And would you be surprised — let me ask you something. You know what this is? State and local taxes are gonna be capped. The amount you can deduct is, what, $10,000. That’s the max.

Now, this is gonna hit people in states who have high, high personal income tax rates, like California and New York, Illinois, Connecticut. And it’s gonna expose. Those people have not been paying those tax rates because you and me, you and I have been subsidizing them by allowing them to deduct those taxes. Now they’re gonna have to pay what their states are charging them!

And now for the first time they’re gonna find out what Governor Moonbeam is charging ’em and what Governor Whoever in Illinois is charging them and what Governor Whoever in New York, Cuomo, is charging ’em! These people are gonna find out. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there is some strategy on the part of the Republicans to expose this. And if there is, I, El Rushbo, applaud it! You live in a high tax state, there’s no way you should be subsidized by other people.

If you live in California and your tax rate there is 14%, pay it! You liberals are always telling us that everybody else is trying to avoid paying taxes, that the rich are not paying their fair share. Well, get in on the game now. You haven’t been paying your fair share because you get to deduct all that. “Rush, Rush, not all these people are liberal Democrats.” I know. I know. I’m speaking theoretically and generically here.

This proves that people are a lot different when it’s their gore getting goosed or goose getting gored, when they’re getting caught up in it and start squealing like pigs as a result of it. If this thing was done strategically to expose high-tax states, then I’m all for it. “But, Rush, but, Rush, I thought you hated taxes and I thought you’re for everybody having to cut –” Yeah, generically I am. I think everybody’s overtaxed. But I also don’t like the hypocrisy of these leftists running around claiming that the people paying 90% of the federal tax take are not paying their fair share.

I’m fed up with hearing this! I’m fed up with hearing about how the rich are not paying their fair share! Okay. If the rich aren’t paying their fair share, here’s a chance for you in California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, to finally start paying your fair share and shut up about it.


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