RUSH: It’s Clear That The Democrats Are SCARED TO DEATH Of Bannon

RUSH: Now, one of my beliefs, one of my theorems that I have evolved over the years is that when it comes to Democrats and the media they will always tell us who they fear. And all we have to do to learn that is look at who they’re trying to damage and/or destroy. And it is clear that they are scared to death of Steve Bannon.

Now you have to ask, why? What is it about Bannon that scares them? Well, the answers, many of them, are obvious. He has a disdain for the establishment. He has a disdain for everything the establishment holds dear, such as globalism, a singular powerful world government in which the United States is an eager participant. He opposes — it’s not just the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about. The governing complex today is military, industrial, financial, and media.

It’s not just military and government. It’s now investment banks, big time Wall Street money such as Goldman Sachs. Do you know that you’d have to go back a long way to find a presidential administration that has not had somebody from Goldman Sachs in it? Either a chairman or a president or a trader or somewhere? You’d have to go back a long time to find that. The media, they are, of course, not at the table per se, but they may as well be. The military, the generals and so forth.

Bannon opposes all of this. Bannon thinks that’s why the United States is mired in the muck that it’s in. He opposes all of it. And Trump gave the impression that he opposes all of it during the campaign. And Trump names Bannon as the CEO of the campaign. So that puts Bannon’s fingerprints on the campaign. And then after he wins the president, Trump makes him the chief strategist.

Bannon is an outsider. He has worked at Goldman Sachs himself, but it’s not something that he trades on the way he would if he were liberal and trying to get on with Democrat administrations. He’s done many other varied things. But Bannon represents everything the left and the establishment hates. And because he has Trump’s ear and because they think Trump is influenced by the last person he talks to — this is something very important for everybody to understand.

People we’re talking about here — the media, the Washington establishment — they are not impressed with Donald Trump’s intellect. They believe that Trump is easily manipulated. They believe that Trump will believe and be influenced by the last person he talks to on an issue. So if Trump is worried about what to do about Chinese currency manipulation, if the last person he talks to is Jared Kushner, and Jared Kushner says something that is impressive to Trump, then that’s what Trump will believe. That’s what they believe.


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