RUSH: It Would DISTURB Me If Trump Put Romney In Charge Of Health Care

RUSH:  Okay.  Would you describe this as trying to heal the party?  Donald Trump is meeting with Romney.  Romney is gonna meet with Trump, as I understand it, about a possible cabinet position. He’s gonna meet with Romney over the weekend about a possible cabinet position.  (interruption) What?  They’re shouting at me that that’s crazy.  And then he’s meeting today, I think, with Dr. Kissinger and Fred Smith of FedEx.  By the way, FedEx showed up, right?  Good.  So Fred Smith and Dr. Kissinger, Trump’s meeting with, and meeting with Romney.

Look, this is the first I’ve heard of it.  It may not be entirely correct.  I have to always throw that caveat out.  (interruption) Okay, okay, so it’s being reported everywhere.  Fine and dandy.  I just like to be very careful, you know, when I haven’t seen it myself and I’ve been told about it. I’ve been burned a lot of times, not purposely, it’s just happened.  So he’s meeting with Romney over the weekend about a possible cabinet position.  Would you call that attempting to heal the party?  You wouldn’t?  You’d call it nuts?

Okay, Romney has done everything he can to defeat Trump except run himself.  Yeah.  You might say he’s done everything he could to destroy Trump.  I won’t get alarmed at that unless I hear he’s putting him in charge of health care.  That would disturb me, if Trump put Romney in charge of health care, even if he’s gonna dismantle it.  Some people are looking at it as healing.  Some are looking at it as Trump doing what he can to unify the party.  We’ll see.  Time will tell.


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