RUSH: It Is A Myth That White Cops Shoot Black Kids All The Time

RUSH: So many myths, ladies and gentlemen, are on display each and every day in this country, so many myths.  And the myths are what make up the daily Drive-By news agenda, and that is the daily news agenda of the Democrat Party.  The myth that is driving what happened in St. Louis is that white cops shoot black kids all the time.  That is the myth. That is the image being created.  That is the purpose of all the coverage.  It is rare.

The truth of the matter is, it is rare.  The simple fact of the matter is that the greatest incidence, the largest number of criminal incidence against blacks are perpetrated by blacks.  The fact that this is rare is why it’s on television.  Well, there’s another reason why it’s on television, another reason why it’s a big deal, and that is because it furthers the myth and it furthers the Democrat Party agenda that the only protectors of the black population in this country is the Democrat Party, and the myth is that the white police, cops, forces, are every day killing black kids.

But if it were common, if it were something that did indeed happen all the time, it wouldn’t be this big a story.  The very fact that it’s this big a story is evidence of its rarity.  Do you know how controversial that is to say?  I mean, that is so far off the beaten path to say that, that you wait and see what the Drive-By Media and their media watchdogs do with that comment later today.  Oh, it’s true.  Especially if it’s true.  That’s exactly why they’re gonna be coming after me later, especially because this is true.  It is rare.  It doesn’t happen every day.  It doesn’t happen often.

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