RUSH: It Could Well Be That Putin Gave A Missile To Bring Down Malaysian Passenger Jet

RUSH:  This is Samuel in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  Thank you for calling.  It’s great to have you here.  Hi.

CALLER: (badly muffled)  Hey, Rush, or may I say “Mister Big.”

RUSH:  Mister Big, yes. I’m the Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

CALLER:  This Malaysian airliner being shot down will be a pretext for Putin to invade the Ukraine.

RUSH:  Explain.

CALLER:  Well, he could give the missiles to some of his thug over in the Ukraine. They’ll fire one off and shoot down the airliner over Ukrainian territory.  Who gets the blame?  Ukrainians. 

RUSH:  Oh.  Oh, I see.  Are you in a hurricane out there?

CALLER:  No, sir.

RUSH:  Is the wind bad? So your theory is that Putin gave a missile to his associates, who bring down innocent, harmless commercial airliner that is blamed on Putin’s enemies, correct?  That’s the key to this.


RUSH:  Which then green lights Putin to go in and take out these bad, mean people that shoot down innocent commercial airliners, right?

CALLER:  Perfect straw dog, yes.

RUSH:  I see. 

CALLER:  Just a thought.

RUSH:  It could well be.  Whenever someone dies or is near death, Fox News brings out Geraldo.  That has happened.  The Grim Reaper appeared moments ago on Fox to discuss this.  He was asked by Harris Faulkner… I don’t quote Harris Faulkner.  I’m not given to quoting Harris Faulkner, but don’t hold it against me here. 

She said, “It was flying at 34,000 feet, and if you want to think about it this way, a surface-to-air missile probably wouldn’t be able to take out a plane that far away. So what might it have been?  That’s what they’re looking at.  What about it,” Grim Reaper?

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