RUSH: ‘Israelis Deserve Every Dead Soldier Because The Israelis Are The Horrible Aggressors’

CALLER: Hi. I tell you, I’m big follower of yours. Anyways, my question was, uh, the major networks, so-called, when we went to Iraq, started counting the dead right away — Americans and the Iraqis. As soon as Obama became president, it stopped. Well, now they’re reporting the dead Palestinians — and the Israelis. Why aren’t they announcing how many dead Hezbollah (sic) have been killed?

RUSH: No, I know what you’re asking: “Why aren’t we getting the Israeli death count, which is the equivalent of the American death count?” Why are we not getting the Israeli death count? We got the American death count in the Iraq War, and now we’re getting the Palestinian death count. Well, the reason is: Who’s the bad guy? As far as the media is concerned, the United States was the bad guy in the Iraq War, and the way to illustrate that was the number of American deaths.

Now, you say, “Wait a minute, Rush! How can that be?” It’s because they say, “We had no business being there. We couldn’t win. It was a hopeless war effort. Bush had no business taking us there, and these deaths are in vain. These American deaths are worthless! These American deaths don’t mean anything, because the mission is illegitimate!” That’s why. The reason why there is no Israeli body count is ’cause they don’t care.

“The Israelis deserve every dead soldier because the Israelis are the horrible aggressors, because the Israelis are killing innocents Palestinian children.” That’s why. Everything’s political. Everything is part of the agenda and shaping and bending public opinion, it is not about reporting the news, and body counts became a way of shaping public opinion in a very intense way during the Iraq War here.

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