RUSH: ‘Isolationist’ Trump Just Dropped The Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb We’ve Got On Afghanistan

RUSH: Well, here’s another one where the very public Trumpists who think that the president was going to herald a new era of isolationism, which I guess that’s what they thought Trump was. They thought he was an isolationist: Make America great again and only make America. We’re not gonna make anybody else great again. They’re on their own. We’re gonna make ourselves great, gonna do whatever it takes to make ourselves great, and that’s it.

Well, the United States has just dropped the largest nonnuclear weapon in our arsenal on an ISIS tunnel in Afghanistan. Again, the largest nonnuclear bomb in our arsenal has for the first time been deployed. It’s been dropped. It’s been used on an ISIS tunnel in Afghanistan. The bomb was dropped in the Nangarhar Province, the Pentagon has confirmed. The blast radius believed to be over 300 meters, a football field, essentially. [sic]

The weapon is described as the Father of All Bombs, not the Mother of All Bombs, the Father of All Bombs in an obviously Pentagon sexist comment. And it is the very first time the weapon has been used in combat.

So there will be a lot of people here who are going to be very, very much concerned about this. But I ask you to think back to the campaign, what did Donald Trump say about ISIS? He said we’re gonna take ’em out. We’ve had a bunch of pansies and wussies that haven’t had a serious moment about it. I’m gonna get together with my military people, we’re gonna come up with a plan, we’re gonna wipe ’em out. It’s only because we got a bunch of stupid leaders that we haven’t wiped ’em out yet. So here comes the biggest bomb, nonnuclear bomb, dropped in Afghanistan on an ISIS location.


RUSH: Yeah. I misspoke. Three hundred meters is roughly three football fields, 300 meters is very close to 300 yards. The primary blast range of this powerful bomb. Anyway, folks, hang in there, be tough, sit tight, because we just get warmed up here.



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