Rush Isn’t Buying Himself Once Again Becoming An ‘Elevated Villain’

RUSH: Let me address something here. Right when the program began, Mr. Snerdley asked me, “So are you gonna play all these pope sound bites that you’ve got building up?” I said, “No, I’m not gonna play ’em,” and this is why, exactly what we’re talking about now. This is another manufactured controversy. I happen to be a villain in this massive soap opera script. I’ll give you an illustration.

Remember there was a woman once who testified before a fake congressional committee who demanded $3,000 worth of birth control pills, paid for by everybody else, and we calculated that you’d have to be having sex, I mean, 25 times a day to run through that much birth control pills? So I used a word to describe it and I actually did not use the word I meant to use but I used the word, and you remember for two weeks that is all anybody was talking about.

There were massive efforts to cancel this program and get me thrown off the soap opera, to get me written out of the script, if you’ll recall that. You do? You recall that? Okay. Now, let’s go back to this guy named Martin Bashir. I told you a joke. I used an inappropriate word. I didn’t even use the word I intended to use. (Frankly, I don’t even know if it makes sense to revisit it.) The word I did use, I thought, meant the same thing as the word I wanted to use.


The point is, the writers of the soap opera then hopped on that for as long as they could. I mean, they didn’t let it go, and I was the scum of the earth, and anybody associated with scum was in trouble. Over here you have Martin Bashir who basically thinks it’d be a great thing if somebody defecated and urinated in Sarah Palin’s mouth, a number of times — and the same people who did everything they could to run me out of town off the soap opera didn’t say a word about Bashir.

So this business with me and the pope, look, it is what it is. I read on numerous blogs summaries of what the pope had said. There is no question that the pope had some very critical things to say about capitalism that are echoed by what you hear your average leftist say about it. I was kind of surprised by it. I said so. I said it sounds Marxist. So now the writers of the soap opera have decided that I have stirred things up enough that I can once again become an elevated villain.

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