RUSH: Isn’t 7.5 Million People Without Power In Florida Gonna Help Save The Climate?

RUSH: Now, I’m gonna say something here that is going to rile up people again, but it’s based on things I’ve heard them say.

Seven and a half million people without power. If you listen to the climate change people, in effect, what they are encouraging people to do is to dial back their use of fossil fuels. Coal is the primary fuel used to power plants, power plants. Which I’ve often found fascinating. Everybody thinks the electric car is renewable energy and it’s clean and safe. But what powers the batteries in the electric cars? I mean, you charge ’em up, you’ve gotta go to a coal-fired power plant. In other words, coal is used to power electric cars, and they say there’s nothing clean about coal. But with seven and a half million without power, there’s another hurricane out there, Hurricane Jose. They don’t quite know where it’s gonna go.

They say it’s a Category 4 or Category 5, but it’s just out there doing circles. They’re not quite sure where it’s gonna end up yet. Well, seven and a half million people in Florida without power, isn’t that gonna help? That means there’s much less CO2 being spewed in the air in Florida. It means that there’s much less climate damage happening because there’s no electricity. There’s no air conditioners running. No anything because seven and a half million people without power. And the global warming crowd, that’s the kind of thing they say we need to be thinking about, reducing our use of fossil fuels.

Well, this is a massive reduction in fossil fuels, seven and a half million people without power. I wonder if that could be enough of a reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gases from southern Florida to end up making Florida a smaller target for the next hurricane? Now, you watch and wait and see what they do with that. This is gonna be fun. I’m just taking things they’ve said and applying them to a real world situation, ’cause this is the way I try to expose people who think things I think are crazy.

This is a golden opportunity to find out if these kinds of events — no electricity, no CO2s — can actually have an immediate impact in saving the climate and preventing this hurricane from hitting south Florida, another one.


RUSH: Here’s another thing, folks: Seven million people in Florida without power? I mean, that’s a lot of CO2 that’s not going to be spewed into the atmosphere. It might actually weaken Hurricane Jose. If it did, can you imagine what would happen? The climate change people would say, “See? We’ve been right all along. Get rid of electricity, get people to cut way back, cut their usage way back and so forth, and go back to more reasonable, natural sources and so forth.”

I just… I wouldn’t be surprised. But I’m tweaking ’em here, folks, I’m jamming ’em, and they won’t like that. So they will get caustic again.


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