RUSH: Is Trump Using Anthem Protests To Buy ‘Impeachment Insurance’?

RUSH: What do you think that Trump is engaging in various things to really cement the support of his base in the event there are impeachment charges? Remember, the media’s been doing everything it can to separate Trump supporters from Trump, and they’ll fail every time because they had nothing to do with creating that bond. They can’t break it. Only Trump can.

What if…? Trump knows his audience. He knows what he said about the NFL is going to be very well received by a significant number of NFL fans. He knows that his supporters are gonna be echoing it and supporting it, no problem. What if he’s trying to buy impeachment insurance, for lack of a better term? What if this is all about Trump really just continuing to build and hold that bond he has with his supporters? “But, Rush! But, Rush! That wouldn’t matter in impeachment. Your public support doesn’t matter.”

Ohhh, yes, it does!

You impeach somebody with positive approval numbers… Look what they tried to do to Clinton. It didn’t work. It does matter. It does matter, ’cause everybody involved in it’s gonna have to run for reelection themselves down the road, and if they go after somebody with universal popularity or majority approval, it could come back and backfire on ’em. Like, I’m convinced that’s why Lindsey Graham is who he is today. He was one of the House managers that ran the impeachment proceedings against Clinton, and there’s some others. They felt very embarrassed about it and they took it on the chin because the Senate never seriously pursued it.


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