Rush Is SPITTING MAD! We’re Being Governed By Sheer Idiocy

RUSH: …here are just the headlines.  “Here’s How Obamacare Might Make Life Hell for College Professors.” 

Apparently they have no idea what’s coming because they’re idiots, too.  Do you realize we’re being led and governed by genuinely stupid people, folks?  If everything we’re being asked to believe today is really true, then we’re being governed by sheer idiocy no matter where we turn.


RUSH:  Look, I’m gonna get to the phones here in a minute.  I’m gonna have to, folks, because I’m so spitting mad, I cannot tell you.  I got a follow-up note to my friend who told me what I’m not getting, told me how best to understand the inside the Beltway sophisticates, people that don’t really have any principle or anything.  And he’s got a point here.  He said, “Rush, I’m surprised.  All I’m saying is it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.  Many times when the 2012 election looked close, I heard and I’m sure you heard the following in an intentionally sophisticated tone from business savvy but politically naive people.  Quote, ‘Obama’s big mistake was going to the health care bill.  He should have focused on economic growth.'”  And, you know, folks, I have to admit that this guy has a point.

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