RUSH: Is Kremlin Worried That They Have Become Totally BAMBOOZLED By Trump?

RUSH: The narrative out of the Democrat Party is that Trump and Putin are brothers in crime or politics or whatever. As you know, the Democrat Party thinks the Russians cost them the election, and they also think that Donald Trump is just buddy-buddy with Putin. So they think that Putin worked with others to hack the Democrats to give the White House to Trump. But now along comes Foreign Policy magazine asserting that the Kremlin is very, very worried now because they have become totally bamboozled and surprised by Trump.

“In 2016, a senior Russian official explained to a group of visiting foreigners why the government had decided not to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Yes, it was a turning point in Russian history, he argued, and, yes, President Vladimir Putin sees today’s Russia as a successor to both the tsars and the Bolsheviks. But celebrating a revolution would send the wrong message to society.”

They don’t want the society thinking about revolution. Revolutions take place against governments, and Putin doesn’t want a revolution out there. So they decided in Russia to ignore the one-hundredth anniversary the Bolsheviks, which is a big deal! It would be like us ignoring an anniversary of the Civil War or anything about it for fear of inciting a similar revolution here.


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