RUSH: Is Dolphins Bullying Story An Example Of The Changing Culture Of Masculinity In America?

RUSH: This going on with the Miami Dolphins, I have to be very, very, very careful here, because I think we are looking at an example of the changing culture of masculinity in this country. Now, I could be wrong about that because we’re still learning details about the incident. The question at first is: “Is anything that’s happened here in the Dolphins locker room anything new? Is it different from anything that’s ever happened in an NFL locker room before?”

That’s, I guess, an open-ended question.

When I first heard of this story — and it’s a week or so old now — I purposely didn’t comment on it ’cause the original reports on it were really vague, and they had (as usual) the liberal sportswriter interpretation of what wasn’t known. So I said, “Rush, back off of this and be patient. Let more news come out,” and the first thing I had heard was that a rookie offensive lineman was being bullied by a veteran offensive lineman.

The rookie’s name is Jonathan Martin. The veteran is Richie Incognito, who comes to this story with a prior reputation of being a bad guy. He’s tough, no nonsense, long accused of dirty tactics during the game — dirty tactics on field and racy, dirty tactics off field. I don’t know specifics, but that was the line. Again, I don’t know whether it was earned or not. I don’t know Richie Incognito. I so little trust what I see in the mainstream media anymore, the legacy media, the Drive-Bys, that now I just sit around and wait.

But the first thing that intrigued me was, how in the world do you have “bullying” in an NFL locker room? How in the world does a 315-pound guy get bullied by a 265- or 280-pound guy? Jonathan Martin is a tackle. He’s bigger than Incognito, who’s a guard. They’re both big. It’s maybe inconsequential, the size difference. The bullying then was reported as actually not bullying. It’s more like harassment or hazing, is what the subsequent report said.

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