RUSH: Incognito Can Fix Bully Reputation By Coming Out That He’s Gay

RUSH: “Richie Incognito offered apologies to teammate Jonathan Martin, team owner Stephen Ross and investigator Ted Wells,” ’cause there was “a pattern of harassment.”  It’s hard to say there was bullying because there was nothing physical, but the — (interruption) not yet.  He has not cried yet.  It’s where I’m headed with this.  I’ve got some solutions for Incognito if he really wants to fix this.  They accused him of bullying, but he didn’t do anything physically.

So the wizards in the sport media are now saying, “Well, you don’t have to do anything physically to bully somebody.  You can psychologically bully people,” which is what happened.  But, anyway, like you, I’m sensing this won’t be enough.  That it’s too little, too late, particularly since last week Incognito was out acting like the report was gonna come out in his favor.  So he’s got a lot of egg on his face here. 

Only two things that could save Richie Incognito right now.  Obviously, one is declaring that he’s got some questions about his sexual orientation.  Not sure. It would be a tough thing for him to do, I’m sure.  These are just suggestions, not recommendations.  But he can either come out as gay or suggest that he’s confused and conflicted, and that’s why he engaged in all that behavior.  He was just trying to cover up, trying to make sure people didn’t find out, any number of ways.

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