RUSH: In Picking Colbert CBS Has Chosen To Write Off A Portion Of The Country

RUSH: The first three are just filled with everybody in the Drive-By Media livid with me that I have not joined the crowd and praised CBS’ choice of Colbert to replace Letterman.  I think I might be the only person in public not to sign on to this.  I mean, what a lesson here.  You conform or else.  You conform or you are an enemy of the state. If you don’t conform, if you don’t think exactly the way we do, and if you don’t think exactly the way we want you to, we’re coming for you.

What does it matter?  What is it about the choice of anybody to host a late night TV show that is a litmus test for anything?  But it is.  It is obviously a litmus test that I, ladies and gentlemen, failed.  It isn’t any big deal because I don’t really care one way or the other.  My only point is the fact that every one of these people in the media are all saying the same thing, using the same words, the same opinions.  What does it make them but robots? 

The last thing they are is individuals.  I mean, they’re all falling over themselves, they’re all falling over each other to top each other in coming up with words of praise and insight and compliments. And all I’m saying is that this choice says some things.  It clearly indicates that the people that making this decision have chosen to write off a portion of the country.  That they don’t care whether a portion of the country watches or not.  That we’ve got a new definition of what’s funny.  We have a new definition of what’s comedy.  And that’s fine, because as the left loves to say, it’s a changing world and things adapt, things change, people adapt.

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