RUSH: In Jay-Z’s New Rap ‘It Does Sound Like He’s Dissing Obama’

RUSH: I was right. Chief Keef is a big Chicago rapper. I knew that. You’re telling me things I already knew, and you didn’t know that. So here’s Mr. Z going out there. He’s gonna buy this guy a kilo of whatever. By the way, could we interpret the lyrics here of Mr. Z’s latest rap offering? Is he dissing Obama?

I didn’t want to make that leap, but it does sound like he’s sort of dissing Obama. He’s telling Mr. Z to chill. (summarized) “You’re going to get me impeached, giving me brief about going to Cuba. Hell, I had permission from you to go! Calling what I did a crime.” Comparing Obama to communism, is that what he was doing? He says when communists start going after him, he starts shooting. I don’t know if this a tipping point or not, but if you have Mr. Z (who’s the husband of Mrs. Carter) dissing Obama…

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