RUSH: In Civilized Society, Women Hold All The Cards

RUSH: Let’s get down and dirty on — no, wrong phase. Not “down and dirty.” What I mean is let’s really examine some of these allegations and complaints of the behavior of some of these liberal men, both in media and in politics and in entertainment, the way they have treated these women.

Now, I have always made the point on this program, in my anti-feminist screeds and so forth, that, in my view, in a civilized society, in my view it’s always been women who hold all the cards, the women who actually have the power. I don’t mean the power to destroy or the power to control. I’m talking about literally in terms of control of circumstances, women and the pursuit of women is what makes the world go round. And it always has. That and the pursuit of money.

This is not sexist. This is not anything negative. And what I mean by it is in a civilized society when a woman says “no,” you obey. When a woman says “no,” okay, you don’t force yourself, you don’t deny. A woman says “no,” you ask her to marry her, she says “no,” you don’t go ahead and schedule the wedding and drag her there by the hair and make the priest do it. She says “no,” it’s “no.” First date, kiss, any more, whatever she says goes, in a civilized society.

These guys are not civilized. These guys are not what I’m talking about. These guys force themselves on women who did not have any power precisely because these were the not romantic circumstances. These were office workspace business scenarios. And these guys telling us all these years that they’re the sensitive ones and that they are the ones with compassion and tolerance and all that other left-wing gooey stuff, totally wrong. These are nothing but mean, power-mad, rude, extreme people who are not nice, have no manners. It cuts down to nothing more complicated than that.

And so these guys that are all caught up in all of this, they engage in a kind of behavior that is unacceptable in civilized circumstances. They take advantage of the power they have, and they use it and they wield it and they do it to inflict pain, they do it to inflict emotional and psychological suffering. And who are these guys? Well, before all it is happened, these are the people we think are cool. These are the people we’re told are hip. These are the people we’re told that understand women and women’s issues, and they respect women, and they’re good feminists and all this, and nothing could be further from the truth.

And this is exposing so much about who these guys really are, who these people really are. Now, I will admit I’m accepting the word of these women ’cause the men I’m talking about have all willingly left their jobs or have been forced out, did not object, they’ve not claimed that it’s all lies. They’re off at sex rehab or they’re still in a state of denial to one degree or another. But there’s nothing redeeming about these guys. There’s nothing about them that would be anything you would want to emulate, not in a civilized society.

And I think a lot of this, if I may delve even deeper, I think part of this is because these guys have struck out with women on their own throughout much of their lives. And this is only way that they have been able to get attention or affection. That’s not what it is, but in my explanation here. These are guys I think have been rejected time and again. So they’ve gone into various businesses where they have power and the power attracts women because the women also want to be in these businesses and succeed in them.

But I think this is pretty sick stuff. These guys are — well, there’s nothing redeeming about them. But all this time, liberal women have protected them. Liberal women, feminists have done their best. Something has caused the dam to break now. Don’t know what it is. There’s obviously a simple, easy explanation for this.


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