RUSH: In A Sane World People Would Be Thanking Me For Trying To AVERT PANIC

RUSH: I’ll tell you this, folks. In a sane world, the media would be thanking me for trying to avert panic. I mean, when local police departments are called to grocery stores to guard a delivery of bottled water which happened, I think, a couple days ago over in West Palm Beach. A bottled water shipment arrived, and the local police were called by the grocery store to guard the truck while staff/employees unloaded it. There was a four case limit per family. Now, that’s not necessary when everybody has water in their home.

Why do you think people are afraid to turn on tap water? It’s an interesting question. ‘Cause there’s a political answer to that, too, sadly. But in a sane world, people would be thanking me for trying to avert panic. My observation that you don’t need to fight each other over bottled water should have been heralded as a moment of sanity and reason in a world of chaos. Most homes have faucets. You can get unlimited water. All you need is the bottles. Fill up your bathtub if you don’t have bottles and then go get the bottles.

As I say, get some large Ziploc bags and fill ’em like 75, 80 full to handle for the expansion happens when you freeze it and put ’em in the freezer and you’ll have that until you lose power, if you’re gonna stay. You’ll have that until you lose power and your water will be fresh and cold when you need it. You could fill a freezer with it. There’s no reason to panic over water. Not right now, not before the thing hits, which all I said. It is being reported I’m telling people not to drink water, not to worry about it, nothing’s happening; the hurricane’s overblown.

I didn’t say anything of the sort. In fact, the environmentalist wackos should even be placed me. They hate plastic! Plastic bottles, they think, end up in landfill and they’re… Well, they come from petroleum, you know, which they also hate. Here I’m urging people not to use plastic. The environmentalist wackos should be applauding me, patting me on the back. They should be thanking me for my environmental concern.




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