RUSH: Immigration Reform ‘Effectively The End Of The Republican Party’

RUSH: The National Journal has a random act of polling. The mainstream media would never conduct such a poll. “The conservative rank-and-file have a loud and clear message for Republican officials: Support citizenship for illegal immigrants at your own peril. A sizable plurality of registered GOP voters say they will be less likely to support their incumbent lawmaker if he or she votes for immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for those currently living illegally in the United States, according to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll. The findings show that even as national Republican leaders tout the Senate’s reform measure as a political necessity for the party, it remains a risky vote for individual GOP lawmakers wary of a primary challenger.”

The poll found that while most people don’t really care about amnesty one way or the other, Republicans and independents do. When I say most people, I don’t mean the vast majority of the American people. What this poll focuses on is that Republican and even independent voters do care about it, and they care about it a lot. The reason other people don’t care about it is because it’s not perceived as a crisis. It’s not even at the top of anybody’s list of priorities, not even Hispanics, is the way to look at it. It’s being treated as a crisis. It’s being treated as the thing that must happen now.
What this bill is is effectively the end of the Republican Party because this will send the Republican Party base fleeing. And that’s probably why, aside from the money from big donors, I mean, that’s gonna happen here, the Republican Party, many members of it probably wouldn’t mind at all if the bitter clingers in its base went away. Very important what the article calls “the most conservative bloc of voters — blue-collar whites — and in places where many Republicans draw their support, rural areas. Forty-five percent of whites without a college degree said they are less likely to support lawmakers,” because they do this. It’s not good.

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