RUSH: Imagine The Hassle If ‘Reality Winner’ Had Leaked NSA Document During Trump Transition

RUSH: There’s one other point I want to make about this so-called hacked or stolen document from Freedom Serenity — what is her name? Right. Right. Reality Winner. Again, I think it’s a big deal. This document’s been around for who knows how long. It’s been at this consulting company, it’s been in there, they’ve had access to it for months and months and months. Why hasn’t somebody else leaked this?

Are you telling me this document would not have helped last August? Are you telling me this document, even in November, late November, December, can you imagine the hassle this document could have caused if they had released this during the transition? That’s when they were looking for this so-called evidence. You read The Intercept website story and I defy you to come out of that not lost in the weeds. I defy you. I defy you. You know, I can read this stuff. I can read the stitches on a fastball. I can find my way through intricately woven webs of deceit. I read this thing and I came out, I felt like I needed to spray myself with insect repellant before I went in there. You are so in the weeds on this stuff.

It’s a lot of words that don’t say anything really substantive. It just looks like it does. The headline and the name of the Website, The Intercept, and then you’ve got this woman who supposedly speaks three languages. It’s one language with three dialects. The media’s trying to make her look like she’s really greatly, profoundly educated, worldly and sophisticated. But to me it’s just all too pat.

At the end of the day, which I know is a tired and worn-out phrase, even after this document today, after it’s been released, after it’s been finding its way through the intricately woven web of media deceit, we still do not have an allegation with evidence behind it that the Russians hacked the election. Because they couldn’t have, because they didn’t. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s gonna continue, because the left’s purpose now is to delegitimize Trump and to the paralyze the Republicans so that they do not help advance the Trump agenda. That is really what all of this has become about.


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