RUSH: I’m Trying To Move On From The Contretemps With Il Papa, But They Keep Sucking Me Back In

RUSH:  My friends, I want you to know something.  I really am trying to move on from the contretemps with Il Papa.  I’m trying to move on.  But they keep sucking me back in.  And they keep telling me that I have to embrace the suck.  They keep dragging me back in.  I keep trying to move past it, move beyond it, move on to other things, and they just keep taunting me out there.


RUSH: A leading gay lifestyle magazine, a gay rights magazine, it’s called The Advocate. They promote gay rights. They promote same-sex marriage, and they’re an in-your-face bunch, journalistically speaking.  They have just named Pope Francis their Person of the Year.  The most powerful religious figure in the world opposing gay marriage, gay priests, gay this or gay that, gay whatever, The Advocate, what do you think of this?  I’ll tell you what they’re doing.  I know what’s going on. 

They’re jealous of the anti-capitalists on the left.  The pope has moved their way, so they think this pope is movable.  And so all these other groups are now basically — I think it’s like the rest of the left and their media.  They hope they can induce the pope to move even further away from the church’s doctrine.  That’s what’s going on.  “Hey, pope, you know what?  You’re not such a bad guy after all.  You don’t like Limbaugh, and you don’t like capitalism.  You’re getting close to us, buddy.  So TIME magazine can name you Person of the Year for year anti-capitalist rant.  Well, we’re gonna –” It’s sort of like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize before he’s done anything.  This is the militant gay rights community giving the pope their Person of the of Year award sorta on the come, hoping that the pope moves in their direction.


RUSH: TIME Names Pope ‘Person Of The Year’ Because He Ripped Into Capitalism


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