RUSH: I’m SICK AND TIRED Of Hillary Telling Me How SICK AND TIRED She Is!

RUSH:  I am sick and tired of hearing Hillary Clinton tell me how sick and tired she is!  Will you tell me something, folks?  How does somebody leave the White House…? As she’s claimed, they were broke.  Let’s take her at her word.  Broke.  They did steal White House furniture.  They did. Folks, I’m not making this up.  It would be too easy for you to prove I was lying if you wanted.  You can Google this.  Well, no, you can’t.  Google is protecting these people, too.  Eric Schmidt of Google has been begging the campaign to let him run their campaign for who knows how many years.

The level of corruption that exists between wealthy power brokers in industry after industry and the Democrat Party and therefore the United States government would shock your average citizen who thinks that the Democrat Party is looking out for them.  The Democrat Party is looking out for itself. It is keeping people impoverished by virtue of keeping them highly taxed, preventing them from getting well-paying jobs.  The Democrat Party needs people in a constant state of economic need so that they need government to live so that they keep voting Democrat to provide whatever government gives them.

It is insidious. It destroys human dreams, it destroys human potential — and the Democrat Party, it is their playbook, and it is one of the most frustrating things in the world for me to see so many people fall for it.  It has been one of the most frustrating things all of my career, particularly when I see young people falling for it. When I see young people thinking you can’t do anything in this world without government being involved in it, I just… I almost cry.  I really do.  I read what young people write and what they think.


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