RUSH: I’m Ready For Apologies From The Media, Who Mocked Me For Questioning The Unemployment Rate

RUSH: I’m ready for apologies from the Drive-By Media. I’m open, and I will graciously accept apologies from everybody who mocked me and ridiculed me and made fun of me for questioning the unemployment rate last fall before the elections.

Now, I’m not gonna hold my breath because I know the apologies aren’t gonna be forthcoming, but I want to go on record. I probably shoulda told Cookie to go back and search the archives. Just find two or three examples of me in the months prior to the election predicting to you that the unemployment rate would magically end up below 8% right before the election.

I predicted that for at least a year, and I was able to make it accurately because I knew that this Regime is filled with fraudulent fraudsters and liars and people filled with deceit. There’s nothing real in this Regime other than their ideology. The reason why the unemployment rate would end up below 8% is because, historically, some statistic out there said that no incumbent president had ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate at 7.9 or 8% or higher — annd the magic number was gonna be 8%.

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Limbaugh Plays Clips Of Himself Correctly Predicting Unemployment Rate Would Fall Below 8% Before Election

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