RUSH: I’m Not ‘Banging The Bells’ For Impeachment

RUSH: Obama has been practically begging the Republicans to impeach him. 

He wants to be impeached, it looks like. More and more people are theorizing that he wants to be impeached because the Democrats have made a political calculation. They think impeachment will help them.  They think impeachment will hurt the Republicans.  Now, I’m not so sure of that.  But it’s academic anyway because the Republicans aren’t gonna do it.  But that’s not stopping the media from reporting that they’re gonna do it.

That’s the point!  Boehner took it off the table if it was ever on the table, and I don’t like all these things being “taken off the table,” by the way.  We just said we’re not gonna shut the government down, so we’re not gonna use the power of the purse to stop Obama.  Okay.  Now we’re saying impeachment’s off the table, so we’re not gonna use the Constitution to stop Obama. 

So the Republican Party is bragging or broadcasting that they’re not gonna do anything to stop Obama, and I’ll tell you why.  Because they, too, believe that any… They still believe, even with all the polling data and the plummeting approval numbers, that if there’s any pursuit of Obama politically, that it’s just gonna send the independents running right to the Democrats in the midterms and all that. 

They really do believe, even now, that the public does not want to hear their Dear Leader criticized.  They don’t want to hear their Dear Leader subject to impeachment talks or what have you, and so the Republicans are doing everything they can tell everybody, “We’re not gonna impeach him! We’re not gonna do it!” It’s just purely defensive.  It’s rooted in fear, and I think it’s a miscalculation. 

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood here.  I’m not banging the bells here for impeachment.  That’s not the way to go about this.  Impeachment is the last thing that happens in a process that ought to be happening — and what ought to be happening is being led by Jeff Sessions.

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RUSH: CNN Headline Is A LIE: ‘GOP Wants To Impeach Obama’

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