RUSH: I’m Not A ‘FANBOY’ But Have ‘FAITH’ That Trump Will Fix Obamacare

RUSH: Now, I can imagine there’s some people who are gonna have conniptions over this. But I happen to believe Trump, and by that I mean I have enough confidence in Trump.

I don’t believe Trump is going to say things on the campaign trail as often as he did, as purposefully and consistently as he did, and then be one of these guys that goes to Washington and just says, “Well, to hell with that,” and does whatever he can get away with. In other words, I really believe that of all the people in Washington that can come up with the best way to fix anything, it’ll be Trump. Again, experience guided by intelligence and vice-versa.

Now, it’s not doubtless. I’m not a Fanboy. But I have… I just don’t believe Trump is one of these typical Washington people who says things just to say them and then has no intention of following through. In other words, I believe Trump’s dead serious that Obamacare’s bad and it’s gotta get fixed and that he’s gonna do what he can to do it. It’s a faith thing, and I will wait to be proven wrong if that is the case.


RUSH: I fully expect to be purposefully taken out of context and misunderstood in my comment not long ago that I have trust in Trump.  Oh, I can imagine how that’s gonna blow up.  But we’ll explain more about that in the days ahead.


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