RUSH: I’m A Little Reticent To Just Reject Polls. But Still, All Of My Thinking Says Romney Big.

RUSH: I was telling Snerdley earlier this morning, I think it was back in 2000, Paula Zahn hosted a show at eight o’clock on the Fox News Channel, and she asked me to be a guest. RUSH: So I showed up. It was, I think, two weeks prior to the election. This is the appearance where I told you the next day I got a call from an NFL owner attempting to alert me about certain things I had said, and why what I’d said was true and how it could be even more so. The owner, by the way, was Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders. I’ve never mentioned that before. But Al Davis has since passed on so I figured it’s safe to say.

Anyway, I said the race was either Gore plus one or two or it was tied, Gore-Bush. I said, “Paula, I just don’t believe the polls. I don’t think these polls are anywhere near accurate.” Well they were, as we all know. They were. In fact, Gore won the popular vote in 2000. So I’m a little reticent to just reject these polls. I’ve been bitten once doing that. But still, you know, all of my thinking says Romney big.

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